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We get feedback every day from clients who love our insurance software. Their ease-of-use, adaptability and powerful features make our Acord forms, proposals and agency management systems the best selling insurance software for a reason.

If you haven't ordered your Acord forms, proposal, or agency management software yet, browse our testimonials below, and see just how easy and powerful your insurance agency can be!

I've had AgencyPro since 2006 and couldn't be happier. It does exactly what I need and extremely user friendly which is a good thing. It seems everything was designed with the user in mind. AgencyPro is flexible so you can take it to any level you want. I'm a small agency so I don't need all the complicated reports. Perfect for me. If I ever do have trouble I just pick up the phone and call Marla in tech support. If she doesn't answer she calls back more promptly than any of my underwriters do. She is perfect for her job. Seems it comes as easy as breathing so I'm glad she's on my side. Great product and great support. What more could you want.

Pittsburg Insurance Agency
Vee Couch

I've had Agency Software EasyApps Professional since 2009 and I can't imagine doing business without it. It gives me a solid basis for managing my accounts and renewals. Unlike many, I didn't want the software to be too complex. I'm not a computer geek and wanted to keep my system basic, understandable, and workable for me. The staff helped me modify my system to accomplish that. Boy do I appreciate that; thank you Agency Software!

Mary Anne Connelly 
Connelly-Weiss Insurance Services

For the last 26 years my husband and I have been Independent Insurance Agents, representing several insurance companies. We have combined a couple of small agencies along the way. We have been involved with a “cluster” and a Franchise Group. Each had its own benefits and downfalls including the operating systems we struggled with. One tool or expense that we have used has been and is Agency Software. We started with the lowest system…using it just for Acord documents. A couple of years back we added “the downloads” capability. That has been a nice feature being able to let the system pull from IVANs and not having to input every single document of every client we touch. In the last couple of months, we have added the accounting side. Not coming from an accounting background, this has been amazing. Some of the features are just astounding. I am so amazed that my work load has not increased, but has changed. The amount of time I was entering receipts and checks, has been cut more than in half. Now I can track policies and company transactions. Companies are great and trustworthy, but they still have some margin of error. I am seeing where I need to make changes to better our business and I am able to do it with less help (employees) than I expected. Calculating the benefit of the program as opposed to adding more employees, it far beats more payroll taxes!! As far as training on the system, the ASI accounting team has been very helpful. The Accounting, Downloads and Accord Form Systems are a must in both of our offices! I cannot imagine our offices without them now! If I have to give up something in our office, it would NOT be this system!

Pebsworth Insurance Agency, Inc.

Robin Pebsworth

This program is everything I need and more. It's user-friendly, affordable and practically takes the place of an employee. Recently, my computer froze and I had to purchase a new one. The wonderful, helpful tech support people  helped me to move all of the data to my new computer, and very quickly! I had to do almost nothing myself. This is a company that truly believes in helping you.

Heritage West Insurance
Susan Bowers

Their sales rep said I would always be glad I purchased EasyApps. He was one of the few salesmen that ever told me the whole truth.

John Knight, CPU
Energy Insurance
Bountiful, UT

I've used AgencyPro for several years and love it. I do both direct and agency bill policies and the accounting works just fine for me. It is very user friendly and the people in tech support are excellent. I have used other systems in the past and for a small agency the pricing is affordable. Compared to other Agency Management Systems that are in the same price range, AgencyPro beats them all.

Excel Insurance Agency
Marina Bearden

You have the best tech support in the industry!

Ken Myles, Cape Girardeau, MO

I have been on this system since November of 2009. I have had several management programs and this one is far and away the best ever. Not only does the software do what it is supposed to do, the company gives service that I have only dreamed about. I would recommend this product to anyone who owns an agency and wants a user friendly, quality software that has an additional bonus of being very affordable. But, please don't tell those guys that it is worth a lot more than they are charging; they might raise the price.

Kathy Bayes
Kathy Bayes Insurance Agency, Inc

Agency Pro is so powerful and wonderful for any Agency to keep track of things. I am not a "numbers" person, but am charged with the Accounting of AP at our Agency. I want to thank Marla and Helen for ALL the time and patience they have given to me to help me learn and figure out the program. I am still learning, but with you guys (oh, and lets not forget Tech Support!) on my side, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! You guys are WONDERFUL!

American Insurance Management
Lori Ware

Your software would be worth it at triple the price!

Darrell Haynes
First United Commercial
Mansfield, TX

Called in for tech support and spoke with Moria. She is beyond helpful. I now have a glimmer of hope that I can thanks to her efforts in guiding me thru it. Way to go agency software and please keep Moria happy.

Mark Ball Insurance

Kudos to Marla: She helped me out of a extremely bad situation. Hard Drive went out and I could not access my Easyapps 32 data or Acord forms after reinstalling a new Hp Hard Drive. HP was no Help at all. Thank her so much.

D.L.B. Insurance Marketing
David L. Breedlove

This Acord form software is excellent, and an outstanding value. The technical support is always available, and I highly recommend this product. I particularly want to thank tech support for their help in moving my files to a new computer. Fast and easy!

Russ Crook
Crook financial Services

I've never had a need to contact tech support which I guess is a testament to their programming!

Clarke Insurance Agency

Agency Software meets and exceeds all of our expectations! We especially love the immediate customer service that they provide, all at a reasonable price. They have met all of our agency management systems needs and then some. Marla who is one of their tech support people has never been anything but gracious. Jan Jesberger Insurance gives them 5+ stars!


Jan Jesberger Insurance

Greg Jesberger


I started with EzAgent January of 2011, and chose them because they had a simple interface, and I knew I could train staff quickly and they knew what they were and were not trying to reinvent themselves as the rest of the industry was. I have stayed with them, because I don't have to worry about their system. When I turn it on it works. I was telling the owner recently, "If I have had Downtime" I don't remember it . . . all I remember is EzA is always there for me. I have had to call tech support to help me with Print Drivers as I use the Cloud System, but not if a few years as it seems the software industry has figured out how to make Cloud Printing to a computers default printer work as if the printer was connected to the system with a USB cable. We have over 1000 policies in EzA now and generate ID cards and certs on a daily basis, and I have to add staff, so it is still so easy and intuitive for new employees to learn quickly. I recommend EzA to any agency that wants a stable system that just works!

Auto Risk Consultants 
Michael Graham 

Agency Software was one of the best decision I made when starting my insurance agency. The software is so easy to use, and the customer service, THE BEST EVER!!!  I can call anytime and have a call back with in and hour if I don't get through. I call quite often and everyone is sooo helpful. Marla, Moria, Lori, Helen, Cindy, William, I love them all.

I have used TAM, Choices and other systems, but APRO, is the one for me!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Kelly King Insurance Services

Kelly King

I have been with Agency Software for more than 15 years. I could not have made a better choice. They are very helpful. They always call you back. What I like the most is that if you have suggestions to change the software they listen and will make the changes if it makes sense. I feel very fortunate that I have them as a vendor I really feel like I am in partnership with them. If you need an agency software program this is the one to pick for sure.

Howard Insurance & Associates

Rudy Howard


We love EasyApps. It has truly simplified our workload!

Pat Fox, West Hartford, CT

I was shopping online for an affordable agency mgt. system and found this company. I was very skeptical at first because the pricing and annual maintenance seemed to good to be true. I was paying AMS prices for 15 years and after all that time I was never able to learn the difficult AMS Prime system to utilize it to any good use. Agency Pro right from the get go was very easy to navigate. We are a medium sized commercial office and the system does everything I need it to do and more. I'm only using about 65% of the features and its more than enough for me. The customer service is second to none. I always get a prompt call back with the right info to get me going again on the first try. They can even log onto my system and do the driving to get something resolved more quickly. I highly recommend this mgmt system.

Dominic Lombardozzi
Sano Brokerage Co Inc

I have used the EasyApps program for 10 years. I just added to my server so all the agents can use the program. I especially want to thank the technical service team for GREAT support when we have encountered problems. They have been a great help to our agency!

John Ostrowski
Ostrowski & Associates, Inc.

I would like to compliment the support department for their outstanding customer service skills.  In today's world, good customer service is so rare, it was refreshing to encounter such concerned techs who meet the customer's need's. Thank you!

Teresa Rogers
Pickard Insurance Agency
Arlington, TX

I was very surprised by the speed and knowledge in which tech support reps helped us, reinstall our EASYAPPS program and helped us to install it in a new computer, also was very pleased with his suggestion to up grade our program to EasyApps Pro, we are an agency that needs our programs to work with the most up to date forms and ease, we would recommend to any agency to purchase easy apps programs due to the ease of use and friendly techs who takes the time with agents having a lack of knowledge. Thank you for being available.

Richard Houghtalin, President
Five Brothers Insurance
Agencies. Tampa FL

Our office has been "automated" for 20 yrs (Redshaw) and it was time to come into the 21st century. We comparison shopped Agency Software, Applied, Ebix and SimsiParner and we decided on Agency Software. Not once have we regretting our purchase. The tutorial disk was easy to follow, tech support is prompt and helpful, and the system itself is easy to use. I will recommend Agency Software to everyone.

Patty, Reilly Insurance

I have rarely had to call for tech support. The few times I have called I've received excellent support. That means a great deal. Time is money and no one likes to waste time on "HOLD" or for someone to return a call. I am very satisfied with this software. It's very user friendly.

Frias Insurance Agency

We have not used the services of the tech department many times, only on a very few occasions. When we did solicit their expertise, they were very helpful in correcting the problem.

Norman H. Cathell, Jr., Inc.

Thanks for the new forms. Memo and Invoice are very useful.

McCall Insurance Agency

Attn Marla: I really want you to give Frank a GIANT pat on the back. I ran into a very very troublesome problem and Frank went way above and way beyond to help us resolve it! He was very courteous, professional, and also patient! If I were anywhere close to your office I would take him out for a Starbucks but I can't so please take care of this for me and do something for this excellent technician! Sincerely, James

Frizzell and Company
James Cathey

Technical Support is excellent. I believe your step into cyberspace is a good one. I'm looking forward to this new way of communication and distribution. Thanks for your product and support.

The Bauman Agency

Hurrah for Moira, our technical support contact for Agency Pro!!! Moira is far beyond knowledgeable, patient and professional. Not only did she help solve a rather routine technical issue I called for assistance on, more importantly, she alerted me to some potential serious technical weaknesses and helped me correct them. I am impressed with the Agency Pro software but I am even more impressed, and thankful, for the knowledgeable, professional and patient tech support that I receive whenever I need it. Thanks Moira. YOU ARE THE BEST!

McShea Insurance Co.
Sheila Mullen

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Helen has been with our agency. We had some insane computer issues this week and Helen was our life support!! Had it not been for her knowledge of the program and quick response time we would have been shut down completely. She makes having tech issues a little less stressful. Especially since I was the only one in the office. She was very flexible with getting on my schedule. I couldn't count how many times I would have to place her on hold and assist an insured. I can not say thanks to her enough. You have a wonderful employee and we are happy to have her to assist us. She is for sure very valuable to your company.

Ledbetter Ins. Agency
Shawnna Saunders

I want to tell you these guys are great to work with and they have a great product! If your looking for a great Acord Software App with great tech people that will stand behind their products, then you have come to the right place. Frank, Thank You for going 110% above and beyond. You have my business...forever.

Don Hallam
The Hallam Insurance Agency

Paul, Re: AGENCY SOFTWARE PRINTER; I want to inform you how helpful this new tool has been in my office. I am using It with every customer, email, policy and accord form. It is extremely easy to use and is helpful at converting my office to a paperless environment.

Jonathan Steinberg

Just want to say thank you to Frank from tech. support. He did exceptional job and was very professional. We are very happy with Agency Software product. Frank deserve a Christmas bonus.

Fernando Zayas-Bazan
Eagle Insurance

I've been a very satisfied customer of Agency Software Inc, Agency Pro and Easy Apps Professional for close to 10 years. Previously I was an AMS customer and have found Easy Apps much easier, more user friendly, with great tech support when needed. The best compliment I can give is last week, I had a technical problem, called and as prompted, left a help message. My call was returned twice by the owner, thank you again. I think any time the owner is that personally involved in tech support speaks for the validity and quality of the company. My one question is why Easy Apps is not more common to agencies here on the east coast? From my experience, you all put AMS & Applied to shame. If you ever hold a demo please let me know. I think I'm only aware of 50% of your programs capabilities and would love to learn more. I've been in the P&C business over thirty years now and I can't recommend your products highly enough.

Charles Brooks
The Brooks Agency

Where do I begin! I initially called to speak to William and he was unavailable and left him a message. I have been working with him recently for the installation of Easy Apps and he has been wonderful and patient to work with so I got myself attached to him! Marla called me back within a few minutes after I left the message to William. She wanted to know if there was something she could help me with so I proceeded to explain my situation of not being able to print my certificates. So she did explored some options in my system to see if she could help within her knowledge realm. She then patched me to Frank who has more experience in this so he began to search and discover the problem with my cable, driver, etc. I was so impressed with his assistance and determination to get the printer working. It speaks volumes when you are treated like your situation matters. I am very grateful for their help. Thank you guys!

Maningo Group Insurance
Terri Schweisthal

Just got off the phone with Agency Management's tech team. I was having problems accessing Agency Pro on my Computer and together we found that the problem did stem from my Symantec Antivirus product. With exceptional patience and logical explanation a tech not only was able to solve my problem, but made suggestions that made sense in MY world as to ways to make my system work better. I had actually gotten so fed up with computer problems relative to accessing Agency Pro that I was not using the data base; or going to other computers on another floor of my building when I needed access. Unfortunately I've found in the past that the better computer techs seem to have problems communicating in language that the rest of the world can understand. Not so with Frank who was personable, friendly, AND extremely knowledgeable. Many Thanks!

J. Michael Lane
J. Michael & Assoc. Ins. Inc.

I Just wanted to let you know that recently had a support need and that Mark was absolutely fantastic and went above and beyond. Over the past 15+ years your support staff has been unmatched and is the reason we have stayed with your company.

Thanks for doing things the way they should be done.

Jerry Mosier 
Mosier Insurance Agency 

I have used Easyapps Professional for 4 years and have always been thoroughly satisfied with the program and customer service. However today I have to compliment Frank for helping me solve my EasyApps problem . His assistance, patience and knowledge of the computer system was amazing ! Further after my problem was solved I asked that "simple question " or what we call "just one more thing." He welcomed my question and further explained the additional benefits derived from the EasyApps Professional program that I did not understand nor consider. Again Thanks Frank for all your help !

Louis R Pizzichillo
The Pizzichillo Agency

EasyApps Professional is our third Agency Management System in our almost 30 yrs. in business. It is by far, the most user friendly of all three. There was little or no learning curve for any of our producers and CSRs. Paul Hamari guided me through the purchase and initial set up. He is very professional and informative. He stayed with me until I could get the rest of my Staff up and running. Tech support is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help you use your program to best benefit your business. I have recommended the EasyApps Pro Software and Agency Software to many medium-sized agency owners like myself and their techs. This is a god product and it has made my Agency more productive at very little cost. I cannot ask for more. Thank you to all the Staff who have assisted me. You are the best!

Fredericks Insurance Agency, Inc.
Diane Fredericks

I love the AgencyPro software and truly appreciate the amazing support team. Keep up the good work!

Shomita Rahman
Anwar Insurance Agency