Backups are Essential!

At Agency Software, Inc. we believe so strongly in backups that by default your program automatically runs a backup of the database on a scheduled basis. BUT, it is imperative that all users understand the following:

  • Backups are the responsibility of your office. Agency Software, Inc. does not do or keep your backups at our site. Occasionally throughout the day you may see a message pop up that says a backup is being done. This backup is going to your hard drive only. In times of crisis, such as if your hard drive crashes, you will lose this backup. It is important to have a separate backup plan that is saved off your computer and stored off site (in case of fire, .etc.) to eliminate the need to re-enter all of your data.
  • We cannot recommend specific tools, but we can share links of tools we are aware of, such as
    • DropBox
    • and others your tech may be aware of.
  • This is one way to locate the backup:
    • Right click on the icon that launches the program and note the drive letter and directory where the program is to be found.
    • Next click on the lower left button titled "Find Target or Open File Location".
    • Next browse upward, for customer Apro or EzAgent double click on the Data001 Folder. Next locate the Backup folder. (*example locations below)
    • For those with EasyApps 32 or Professional look upward for the Backup folder.
    • These are your backups by date.

*Possible examples:


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