Agency Pro for Windows Close Year Procedure

At your fiscal year end you may wish to close out your past year’s accounting.  This procedure will do several things between the dates specified:


  • Zeroes your income and expense (net profit or loss) figures to the retained earnings account
  • Clears out past ledger entries (optional)
  • Clears out Client A/R Entries (for Accrual customers only) (optional)
  • Clears out Tfile events (optional)
  • Clears transaction detail

This will normally result in the accounting, policy postings and reporting to perform better as time goes on, as there is not as much data to compile. This procedure can be done at any time, as you are able to choose the date range you wish to close.  We also outline copying your pre-close data to another dataset so that you can access this for information purposes at any time.


1.      Get everyone out of the program.

2.      Update AgencyPro for Windows, allowing the Backup to run in full.

3.      Follow these instructions to create a dataset which will allow you to access the pre-close detail and reporting.

a.      Through My Computer select your network drive, then the Apro folder.  If unsure what the drive path is, right-click your Apro icon, select Properties, click Find Target (or Open File Location) and you will be in the Apro folder.

b.      Right-click on the Data001 folder and choose Copy.

c.       Right-click on a blank space in that window and choose Paste.

d.     You will now have a folder called ‘Copy of Data001’, right-click on this and rename to Data<year> (replace <year> with whichever year you are closing, (exe: Data2009) making sure Data is spelled correctly and with no spaces) and press enter.

Note:  Do not log into this agency until after the following steps have been completed.

4.      In the Apro folder you already have on your screen, double-click on Closebooks.exe.

5.      Choose the date range in which you would like to close your books.

6.      Choose the correct dataset (Normally 001 unless you are closing a secondary agency).

7.      Uncheck any items you do not want to close:

  • Client A/R – Uncheck if you are on a Cash accounting basis.
  • Checkbook/Cash Ledgers – Will close the items in ledger between those date ranges and compile entries into one opening balance.
  • Tfile Events – All Tfile entries within the date range will be deleted.
  • Opening Balances - Uncheck unless this is your first year on the system.

8.      Click OK.  You will get a box with the retained earnings entry total, click OK.  Next you should get an Operation complete message, click OK. 

Log into your live agency and the detail that you have chosen to be closed should no longer be in the 001 agency.  On certain items you may see a red line stating “Detail Closed as of ….”, which indicates the transaction entries were prior to your close year.   You should also check your Income & Expense report through the date of your fiscal year end to confirm all amounts are zero. 

Close Agency Pro and log in using the full four digit year (exe: 2009) in the Agency field, using your regular username and password.  Check to make sure all entries remained opened in this agency.  (You may also wish to change the agency name to 2009 in the Agency Setup tab so it is obvious which dataset you are currently logged into.)  Close Agency Pro and reopen the 001 agency prior to making any changes.  

Year End Adjustments:

Many agencies keep their books open until their adjustments have come back from their accountant and then close the books for their last fiscal year.  This eliminates the need to do the adjustments in both the 001 and the 2009 agencies. 

If you have already closed the books and you are doing adjustments, first do your journal entry in the year end (2009) agency and reprint your year end financials.  Then do the entries in your 001 agency, substituting the retained earnings account for any income or expense account entries. 

Policy Purge:

If you would also like to purge past policies through a certain effective date range, this is an opportune time to do so.  This is a function that must be ran by Customer Support, so please call the support number provided below for more information. 

Please contact Customer Support if you have any questions, issues, or would like to schedule a time for support’s assistance in closing at (800)342-7327, extension 31.