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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Downloading?

Download offers data integration directly from participating carriers. With a few clicks the download module can create clients, policy transactions, schedule data (vehicle, property, etc.), claims and claim changes, eDocs (image files), and even direct bill commission statements. While the data created depends on your carrier partners and level of system, it is certain to save you time!

How will adding AgencyPro accounting benefit my agency?

AgencyPro offers a policy driven accounting system that is specifically written for insurance agency processes – much easier and more efficient then QuickBooks or other generic accounting systems, particularly when you need to track producer commission payable or account current. AgencyPro's workflow is designed for the agency to have confidence in their system data entry while producing the financial reports that they might otherwise have paid an accounting professional to prepare. Additionally, our skilled support team is here to provide guidance!

What are the benefits of an online version versus a network install?

Agency Software utilizes the great stability of AWS hosting and the high efficiency of MS SQL to provide you access to your management system from the convenience of a web browser. Agency2Go provides the security and convenience you need to take your agency on the go!

Is training provided with my purchase?

Yes! Agency Software offers training on all current accounts by their account manager. There will never be a time when you cannot get help as long as you have an active subscription. Additionally you can access our library of videos, written program manuals, and don't forget our amazing support team. In 2024 we will be implementing regular hosted webinars for a refresher on program features...check back for more information on this exciting addition!

How long has ASI been in business?

ASI has been in business over 35 years. Which means we have been assisting general agencies and captive agents for a very long time. The insurance industry has made many changes over the years and ASI has been there through it all implementing necessary changes to stay competitive in the market place and offering the best solution we can for our agents.

Does ASI ever hold your data from you and require high fees to obtain it, or make it difficult to get?

No, Agency Software will never hold your data, or make it difficult to obtain. In many cases there is no charge for your data, and a small fee is charged for providing a backup to hosted agencies.

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