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Our Journey in Excellence

Agency Software has proudly served the insurance industry since 1988. As an agency service provider we have built a suite of scalable insurance solutions to fit your agency’s technology needs and boast a skilled and knowledgeable team to provide phenomenal service.

We are committed to service excellence and strive for continual improvement in the way we serve you.

I have been on this system since November of 2009. I have had several management programs and this one is far and away the best ever. Not only does the software do what it is supposed to do, the company gives service that I have only dreamed about. I would recommend this product to anyone who owns an agency and wants a user friendly, quality software that has an additional bonus of being very affordable. But, please don’t tell those guys that it is worth a lot more than they are charging; they might raise the price.
Customer Since 2009
"I've had Agency Software EasyApps Professional since 2009 and I can't imagine doing business without it. It gives me a solid basis for managing my accounts and renewals. Unlike many, I didn't want the software to be too complex. I'm not a computer geek and wanted to keep my system basic, understandable, and workable for me. The staff helped me modify my system to accomplish that. Boy do I appreciate that; thank you Agency Software!
Mary Anne
"This program is everything I need and more. It's user-friendly, affordable and practically takes the place of an employee. Recently, my computer froze and I had to purchase a new one. The wonderful, helpful tech support people  helped me to move all of the data to my new computer, and very quickly! I had to do almost nothing myself. This is a company that truly believes in helping you."

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