How do I add EasyApps 32-Bit to a new workstation?

Verify the program location then run workstation setup on the new machine from the same driver letter. (example F:\eappw\setupws.exe)

How do I obtain the update password for Easy Apps 32-Bit?

  • Check your Start> Programs> Easyapps icon group for an icon titled "Get Current Password" Otherwise,
  • Call 1-800-342-7327 to obtain the current update password. (You must be current with your update fees)

Key Violation when entering a certificate holder?

Delete the empty holder in the list, then add your new holder.

How to move EasyApps 32-Bit from one server to another?

1. Copy the entire EAPPW folder from the old server to the new server. 

2. Map a drive on each workstation to the new server, then from each workstation run the workstation setup file. (i.e. F:\eappw\setupws.exe)

Directory controlled by other .Net....

Verify all workstations have the same drive letter and path mapped to the location of EasyApps Pro. 

Have all users exit EasyApps 32-Bit then browse to your Eappw.  Double click on unlock.bat. This should release the program allowing you to get back into the program.