John Uriguen

John has been selling Agency Software products for 14 years now – he would never have guessed that answering that little help-wanted add back in 1990 would lead to such a great long-term relationship. To date John has sold more than 3,600 programs and, as you might imagine, he stays quite busy doing his best to keep all his clients happy.

He is justifiably proud of the fact that a good percentage of his sales come to him on a referral basis, and as John says, "I like to think this says a lot about our products and my service. I have truly enjoyed working with every one of my agencies - I hope you all feel the same about our working relationship. It's my wish that I can continue to help agents and their staffs for many years to come."

He lives with his beautiful wife LaNette in Coeur d'Alene, and his very generous hunting dog, Willie, even lets them share the house with him.